Enterprise Network & Data Center Design, Implementation and Commissioning Solutions.



We provide complete End-To-End Solutions Enterprise Networks and Data Centers comprising of

Design, Implementation, Testing and Commissioning of Physical Infrastructure Management (Structured Cabling) for Voice, Data, Security and Environmental Monitoring.
Design, Implementation, and Commissioning of Electrical Infrastructures.
Raised Floor, Cable Ladder, Wire Duct, and Fiber Routing Solutions.
Power Backup, Monitoring and Cooling Solutions for Data Centers.

Our End to End Enterprise Solutions follow the complete Project Management Life Cycle involving

Requirements Gathering, Site Survey, and Formulation of the Scope of Work.
Planning, Execution, Monitoring, and Control,
Testing, Site Certification, Commissioning and Handover.

The Infrastructures are designed in AutoCAD with multiple 2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional rendering complete with Manufacturer Authorized Design Templates. These design drawings are certified by our International Technology Partners as and when required by our clients.

The Infrastructures are implemented and tested to full compliance with the TIA / EIA Standards utilizing prescribed Testing Equipment for both Copper and Fiber. At the close of the project, our clients are handed a complete documentation set including:

A complete set of completed deliverables.
A complete set of approved drawings.
A complete labeling and identification plan.
A complete set of Fluke Reports.
The Site Certification Document once obtained from the Manufacturer.